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Megalodon is the name given to the largest prehistoric shark that ever lived. Its teeth were very long, serrated and had the shape of a heart. It was believed to have fed on whales but had no known predator.
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The megalodon is a extinct species of shark that lived around 28 to 1.5 million years ago. Marine biologists estimate that it was 50 to 65 feet long (16 to 20 meters) and weighed nearly 115 tons (105 metric tons).
A Megalodon is an extinct shark species. It lived roughly from 28 to 1.5 million years ago during the Cenozoic era. It is regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators in vertebrate history. Fossil remains show that it reached a total length of more than 16 meters.
The megalodon was a species of shark that probably most closely resembled the great white, but reached around 90 feet in length based on the size of its teeth. This shark died out about 1.5 million years ago.
Megalodon is a prehistoric shark. During the time that it lived it was the most powerful fish in the oceans. Based on fossils evidence these giant predators fed on marine animals. There is a dispute about how large these sharks were but some estimates have them as large as 25 meters.
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The megalodon was a prehistoric giant shark that was considered a super-predator. It lived sometime during the Oligocene epoch and Neogene period. The megalodon was estimated to grow
The species was first postulated by Louis Agassiz in 1835. Like modern sharks, megalodon's skeleton was formed mostly of cartilage, rather than bone, which means it didn't preserve
The Megalodon is an extinct species of shark. The largest species of shark to have ever lived is thought to be the Megalodon. This species is now extinct. It is believed to have existed
The megalodon , meaning "big tooth" was a giant shark that lived in prehistoric times. Have a
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Megalodon are not still alive. The extinct shark species lived during the Cenozoic Era, approximately 28 to 1.5 million years ago. Scientists estimate that when ...
Many people are wondering what Megalodon eat. Megalodon is an extinct top-tier predator and preyed on many species of baleen whales. Thus, Megalodon went extinct ...
Megalodon is an extinct species of shark that lived in the ocean of the world. The species lived from around 28 to 1.5 million years ago in the Cenozoic Era. ...
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