What is a mental action verb?


A mental action verb shows what is going on in the mind of the subject of a sentence. For example, in "The shopper considered her options," "consider" refers to the person's decision-making process.

Mental action verbs such as "understand," "realize," "want" and "need" contrast with physical action verbs that show movement. In "The car drove down the street," the verb "drove" indicates the motion of the vehicle. Other types of verbs include verbs of being, which imply existence. These are forms of the word "be," including "is," "are," "were" and "been." For instance, "The dog is brown." Finally, linking verbs connect a subject to a further description. In "The music sounds beautiful," the verb "sound" connects the subject "music" to its description, "beautiful."

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Verbs have traditionally been defined as words that show action or state of
A mental action verb is a verb that you do mentally, meaning your brain is involved. Example:. George thought it was yucky! (this is a mental action) you could say: example: (i thought
The action verb is ' training. ' or, including auxiliary verbs ' should have been training. '
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