What Is a Mental Inquest Warrant?


A mental inquest warrant refers to a citizen initiated court order which allows a citizen to take someone for psychiatric examination because of concerns of their mental status. The suspected mentally ill individual is handed over to a team of experts trained in psychiatric issues for examination. You can visit springerlink for more information regarding the law.
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I found out my son is using crack and needs help he has sucialial thoughts, stold from me and his wife started carrying a gun.loseing weight, plus his teeth are falling out, looks
The Mental Hygiene Warrant is intended for individuals with severe psychiatric symptoms who are at risk to themselves or others and are non-compliant with attempts by family to obtain
Don't worry about being taken into hospital. Unless you are endangering your life with the self harm you cannot be sectioned under the mental health act which is what would be needed
Sandra, Your question unfortunately is not very clear. Malicious intent is a legal term that has varying definition by jurisdiction and state. Different application by type of crime
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