What is a mesocyclone?


A Mesocyclone is a vortex of air that is associated with tornadoes. The vortex can range in size from 2.5 to 7 miles in diameter. Some meteorologists call it the mother of tornadoes.
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Mesocyclones are the powerful, rotating updrafts of a particularly strong type of thunderstorm called a supercell. It is the mesocyclone that tightens, intensifies, and extends towards
( ¦me·zō¦sī′klōn ) (meteorology) A cyclonic circulation interior to a convective storm.
Mesocyclone - A storm-scale region of rotation, typically around 2-6 miles in diameter and often found in the right rear flank of a supercell (or often on the eastern, or front, flank
A mesocyclone is a rapidly rotating air mass within a thunderstorm that often gives
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[mez-uh-sahy-klohn, mes-, mee-zuh-, -suh-]
a small cyclone that arises near a thunderstorm and is sometimes associated with the occurrence of tornadoes.
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A mesocyclone, in Meteorology, is a small cyclone. It builds up near thunderstorms. Mesocyclones are sometimes associated with tornadoes. You can find more information here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/mesocyclone
It is air between 3 and twelve miles in size. It is created by low pressure systems riddled with a multiplex of thunderstorms. That is a mesocyclone.
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