What is a metaphor for fear?


Metaphors for fear include a rushing river, a ravenous beast, a tidal wave and a creeping shadow. The metaphor you choose depends on how you perceive fear or how you want to portray the emotion.

Unlike a simile that uses "like" or "as" to compare things, a metaphor is more direct. Used primarily in poetry, this figure of speech makes a bold comparison, stating that one thing is a replacement for another. Thus, instead of saying that fear is like a gnawing creature, a metaphor states that fear IS the teeth-gnashing beast. Use metaphor to convey meaning in a way that is fresh and powerful.

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Fear is a tornado in the rear view mirror.
Metaphors are a great way to describe something, in your own creative way. Some good examples are; you're the wind beneath my wings, a cold heart, thunderous laughter, and infectious
Metaphors for Fear: Fear is a voice that we listen to. Fear is a beast that we
Were I to tell you, then would you truly be being creative?
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