What is a metaphor for fear?


Metaphors for fear include a rushing river, a ravenous beast, a tidal wave and a creeping shadow. The metaphor you choose depends on how you perceive fear or how you want to portray the emotion.

Unlike a simile that uses "like" or "as" to compare things, a metaphor is more direct. Used primarily in poetry, this figure of speech makes a bold comparison, stating that one thing is a replacement for another. Thus, instead of saying that fear is like a gnawing creature, a metaphor states that fear IS the teeth-gnashing beast. Use metaphor to convey meaning in a way that is fresh and powerful.

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Terror consumed my entire body, rushing rapidly like an exotic waterfall leaving a tingly sensation which caused me to quiver fearfully.
Fear was eating at the back of his neck and tearing down his spinal cord. Fear crawled inside her head and burrowed itself in her subconcious. Fear shot through her arms and perforated
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