What are some meteor crater facts?


A meteor crater is a crater that was created by the impact of a falling meteorite in the northern Arizona state in the united state of America. The crater acquired its name from the nearest post office Called crater. The meteorite remains are officially known as Canyon Diablo Meteorite.
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The only thing "unique" about Meteor Crater, in Winslow, Arizona, is that it is perhaps the most thoroughly "classic" example of a meteor crater. It's relatively
Located in Northern Arizona, a visit to the Meteor Crater Visitor Center provides you with
Craters are circular dents commonly associated with the Moon. All planets have crates. Craters can be caused by meteors, bombs, and volcanic activity.
Meteor is the scientific name for the bright flash of light that appears in the sky. The light occurs because the meteor falls at such a high rate of speed, both the meteor and the
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Meteor Crater Rd, Winslow, AZ 86047
(928) 289-2362
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Meteor Crater is a natural attraction that is located in Arizona near Flagstaff. It lies six miles south of I-40 between Winslow and Winona. The crater is .74 ...
The planet Mercury resembles the Earth's moon. Mercury has no atmosphere so it gets craters in it from the impact of meteors. It is brownish or silver in color ...
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