What Is a Meter Stick Used for?


A meter stick is a measurement tool that measures length in metres. The measurement is done by placing the meter stick against the object whose measurements are to be taken and the readings read from zero. The readings can then be converted in to other units such as centimetres, inches and feet as deemed convenient.
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What Are the Uses of a Meter Stick?
A meter stick is a measuring device that is broken into 1,000 millimeters, 100 centimeters and one meter. The measuring stick is made out of hard wood or metal, and some meter stick manufacturers print 39 inch increments on the side that is not already... More »
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A meter stick is a metric measuring tool that is similar to a yardstick except that it measures length in centimetres, millimetres and metres and it is long. It is also used in determining right angles.
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A meter stick can be used in many ways. One of the most obvious by using it to measure small to medium sized areas or objects. Meter sticks can also be used as ...
One meter is equal to 1.09 yards. Therefore, a meter stick would be slightly longer than a yard stick. A yard stick is equal to 36 inches. A one meter stick ...
One instrument that is used to measure length is a tape measure or a ruler. You can also use a yard stick, scale or meter stick. ...
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