Metropolitan Area Network?


A Metropolitan Area Network is commonly called MAN and it refers to a data network which is intended to serve a broad area. These networks are implemented by innovative techniques like the fibre optic cable which is through subway tunnels. The most popular example is SMDS.
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MAN(metropolitan area network) are the networks spread over a city .The porpoise of a MAN is also a sharing of hardware and software resources among it's uses.
A Storage Area Network is the infrastructure that connects remote storage to servers in a data center. SAN or Storage Area Network is a more efficient way of adding storage to your
Actually, a MAN is a hybrid between a LAN (Local Area Network) and a WAN (Wide Area Network). LAN technologies offer high data rates (such as Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
BMAN (Broadband Metropolitan Area Network) is a telecommunications service from Sprint in the U.S. that provides corporate users in a metropolitan area with broadband access to the
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A computer area which covers an entire city is known as a Metropolitan Area Network. They are mainly used for emergency services such as police and fire department officials.
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