What Is a Micelle?


In a liquid colloid which is a mixture that one substance is mixed with another, you have what is called micelle. This makes the mix spread evenly throughout the other mix.
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Physical Chemistry an electrically charged particle formed by an aggregate of molecules and occurring in certain colloidal electrolyte solutions, as those of soaps and detergents.
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Micelles are aggregates of molecules with surfactant properties in a mixture(colloid). A micelle usually features hydrophilic(bonds with water) head regions and hydrophobic(repels from water) tail regions.
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A micelle is an electrically charged particle. It is formed by molecules close together and it occurs in certain colloidal electrolyte solutions. You can find more information here:
Answer It is the account of dissociation of surfactant molecule when it is added to a solvent.
A micelle is formed when a variety of molecules including soaps and...
micelle: an electrically charged particle built up from polymeric molecules or ions and occurring in certain colloidal electrolytic solutions like soaps and detergents
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A micelle is a collection of amphipathic molecules that are found in water, or it is an organic particle found in coal, or a structure that is found in synthetic ...
The micelles and amphipathic molecules has the common nature when placed in aqueous solution. The hydrophilic part of the micelles aggregates near the solvant ...
Sodium acetate is a poor soap because its ability to form micelles and capture molecules of dirt, oils and fats is very limited. Sodium is usually ionically bonded ...
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