Function of Microfilaments?


Microfilaments are minute rod-like structures, usually four to seven nanometres in diameter, which are found largely in the cytoplasm of various eukaryotic cells. These are usually the thinnest filaments found in eukaryotic cells.
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ANSWER solid rod of proteins thinner than a microtubule, that enabels a cell to move or change shape
Microfilament is any of the minute actincontaining protein filaments of eukaryoticcytoplasm
An investigation of the spindle apparatus of crane-fly (Nephrotoma suturalis) spermatocytes has been undertaken using methods that permit combined light and electron microscopy of
During cytokinesis the microfilaments form a contractile ring around the plasma membrane. The ring of filaments is equidistant from the two spindle poles. More? report this answer
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Microfilaments are protein rods that provide structure to the cytoskeleton.
A microfilament is a linear assemblage of the protein actin and is one of three main components of the cytoskeleton. This filament is usually a single-stranded helix with each monomer rotated 166 with respect to neighbouring subunits. Its functions are to provide mechanical strength to the cell, link transmembrane proteins and generate locomotion in cells such as some leukocytes and the amoeba.
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