What Is a Microtubule?


Microtubules are hollow tubes that are found in the cytoplasm of all eukaryotic cells. They shape and support the cell and also serve as tracks along which organelles carrying proteins can move.
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[mahy-kroh-too-byool, -tyoo-]
a hollow cylindrical structure in the cytoplasm of most cells, involved in intracellular shape and transport.
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A microtubule is a piece of tube that makes up part of a cell. The microtubuls are like the tiny pipes that hold the cells together and they are hollow.
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Microtubules are a sort of transport system within an organism. They consist of straight hollow cylinders responsible for providing tracks for the movement of cell organelles and
Microtubules, being part of the cytoskeleton... help a cell maintain its
Microtubules are small tubes in eukaryotic cytoplasm that are composed of the protein
Mitosis is the process that cells use to divide one parent cell into two genetically equivalent daughter cells. Microtubles are integral in this process by attaching to the center
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Microtubules are intracellular structures that are long cylinders or tubes shaped. Normally, a microtubule will be between twenty and twenty-five nanometres in ...
Microtubules are microscopic tubular structures that are found in the cytoplasm of cells. They are very numerous, and at times they aggregate to form complex structures ...
The Microtubules 200 nanometers long and 25 nanometers in diameter. These little guys are one of the parts of the cytoskeleton. They get involved when there ...
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