What Is a Midrib?


A midrib is the central and often the most prominent vein of a leaf. This vein usually runs down the centre of a leaf; normally with other smaller veins emanating from it. A leaf is the part of a plant that is specialised for the purposes of photosynthesis.
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the central or middle rib of a leaf.
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A midrib is defined as the central vein of a leaf.
midrib: the vein in the center of a leaf
hello I'm mark and please add me on friendster and myspace! a midrib is the central part of a leaf, and it can help 2 carry the leaf tightly. a midrib is commonly find at the back
The center section of a rib.
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As the central part of a leaf, the midrib functions as a storage area for the stomata and acts as a support to keep the leaf in an upright position. It consists ...
A midrib typically runs along the back of a plant's leaf and is used to keep the leaf upright for photosynthetic purposes. It also serves as a stabilizer ...
The term pinnatisect is an adjective which refers to the attribute of a leaf to be divided pinnately nearly to the midrib. Although the leaf is divided pinnately ...
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