What Is a MLS ID Number?


Mis ID number is an identification number that identifies a professional in the real estate business, who is a registered member of the national association of realtors and observes the code of ethics of the said association.
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An EIN is used when businesses must pay employment taxes for any employees hired. These include social security taxes, Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) Medicare taxes, and
It is a specific number that is registered to an individual for identification use.
A St. Croix MLS number is a multiple listing service. Saint Croix is an island in the
The MLS # is 1049098, but unfortunately the home is under contract since 11/6/2008. If you are looking for homes like this e-mail so I can send you a list of similar homes in the
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MLS is an acronym used in real estate and stands for Multiple Listings Service. The MLS ID number is used to reference a particular piece of real estate, whether it's a home, land, or business listing. You can find this number on almost all real estate listings. You can use the number to find out additional information about the piece of property. There are a variety of online resources to obtain this information. You can also bring the number to a local real estate agent and they can research it for you.
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