Moderate Climate?


A moderate climate is a climate that is neither too hot nor too cold. It is not violent nor is it subject to extreme weather condition but is mostly mild or calm. The winters are cold and summers hot.
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Mediterranean. Marine West Coast. Humid Continental. Marine Temperate Climate. Source(s)
He wrote, "In last week's issue the Herald made a prediction that the weather would moderate, and this is exactly what happened. The prognostication was made as a result of a
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Moderate climates are usually found near bodies of water. This usually means they are close to an ocean. A moderate climate is usually fairly moist as well. ...
Honduras has a tropical climate along its coasts and a moderate climate in the mountains. It is located in Central America and borders the Caribbean Sea on the ...
Europe is the sixth largest Continent with 47 countries, territories and independent states. The climate in Europe varies, however, mostly the climate is moderate ...
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