Modern Day Heroes?


A modern day hero is a person who faces adversity and danger from a position of weakness and undergoes self sacrifice for the good of the modern society. Such people are admired the most irrespective of their age and the public look up to them for guidance. In addition, their actions may affect just a few people or a large number of people.
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a person who has acclompished great things in the modern day. Eg: barack obama.
A Byronic hero is an idealized but flawed character. A modern day Byronic hero
Anyone who is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for people they do not even know... Our Military, among many
That's a tall order. Possible candidates include: No Country for Old Men (2007) Midnight in Paris (2010) The Incredibles (2004) Magic Mike (2012) The Prestige (2006) United 93 (2006
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A modern day hero is a person who helps those in need. Unlike the heroes in fairy tales or comic books, who save civilization from some great evil, the modern ...
There are far more than ten modern heroes that can be found in the world today. You can begin looking right at home at your family. A mother or father that takes ...
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