What Is a Modulator?


A modulator is a substance that regulates or changes the activity of another. In telecommunications it is a device that imposes a signal on a carrier. It is mostly in use in audio and video devices and the choice of modulators depends on the individual's aim of installing it. Some can be driven over a range of frequencies while operate at a single customer-specified frequency.
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Modular programming is a technique of software design that increases the extent to which software is composed from separate parts. These parts are the modules.
The modulating gas valve varies the gas that a furnace burns based on the building's thermostat settings and the current air temperature. Unlike furnaces without this feature, modulating
Any device or circuit by means of which a desired signal is impressed upon a higher-frequency periodic wave known as a carrier. The process is called modulation. The modulator may
Modulation: the process of transforming digital information (1's an 0's) into analog (perceived as sound) signals. In the case of modems, capable of being transmitted over telephone
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a person or thing that modulates.
Telecommunications. a device for modulating a carrier wave.
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