What Is a Modulator?


A modulator is a substance that regulates or changes the activity of another. In telecommunications it is a device that imposes a signal on a carrier. It is mostly in use in audio and video devices and the choice of modulators depends on the individual's aim of installing it. Some can be driven over a range of frequencies while operate at a single customer-specified frequency.
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The modulating gas valve varies the gas that a furnace burns based on the building's thermostat settings and the current air temperature. Unlike furnaces without this feature, modulating
The process in which massege is place over a carrier signal is known as modulation.This process take place in transmitter.Demodulation is its opposite it take place in receivers.
Modulation: the process of transforming digital information (1's an 0's) into analog (perceived as sound) signals. In the case of modems, capable of being transmitted over telephone
I'll give you an example from my site. I have several products. I use Drupal to manage the "buzz" around them (blog posts, tweets, quotes from emails I gets, etc. So I have
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a person or thing that modulates.
Telecommunications. a device for modulating a carrier wave.
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