What is a money tree plant?


A 'Money Tree Plant' is a beautiful, easy-to-maintain plant that is grown in homes, which is reputed to bring its owner good luck, prosperity and wealth. Money tree plants are usually bonsai trees, the most popular being the braided bonsai money tree plant. Some people believe that the number of leaves on each stem of these trees is also a sign of good luck.
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Information About the Money Tree Plant
The money tree plant (Pachira aquatica) is a popular tree used for bonsai that is characterized by its multiple intertwining or braided trunks. It is said to bring good luck and prosperity and is often given as a gift.... More »
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Braided money tree plants (known as Pachira) are symbols of good luck. They are sturdy plants that need little care. Watering every 7-8 days is sufficient. When ...
A money tree is a commonly sold potted plant. Money trees are given at baby showers, weddings, and birthdays. To give a money tree as a gift, wrap the planter ...
Did you know the money tree is a good luck plant? When caring for your money tree, some basic things you will want to follow is give it some sunlight and water ...
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