What Is a Monitor Used for?


A monitor ranges in many different fields where, a computer monitor is defined as a display output hardware of a computer, a machine code monitor s a programming device that enables users to view and change memory locations on a computer. Other types of monitors are: a heart monitor that is a device that measures the heart rate, an oxygen monitor that measures the amount of oxygen in the blood and finally the medical monitor which is a programmed medical device that senses and displays a patient's vital signs.
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A monitor is an electronic device used to record, regulate, or control a process or systemA monitor creates a picture out of many rows or lines of tiny colored dots. These are technically not the same thing as pixels, but the terms are often used interchangeably. The more lines of dots per inch, the higher and clearer the resolution. Therefore 1024 x 768 resolution will be sharper than 800 x 600 resolution because the former uses more lines creating a denser, more detailed picture. Higher resolutions are important for displaying the subtle detail of graphics. For text, resolution isn't as critical.
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