What Is a Monkeys Enemies?


Monkey enemies tend to be leopards and eagles. They climb up the trees to escape leopards and climb down trees to escape eagles. They emit a loud 'pyow' sound to warn against leopards and a loud 'hack' sound when warning against an attack from eagles.
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The most common enemy is the eagle for it swoops and takes one monkey at a time.snakes and hawks and owls.
Crowned hawks, eagles,and anacondas are enemies of spider monkeys.
Raccoons and other predators wait near eggs and eat baby sea turtles as they hatch. Young sea turtles are born on land and head for the sea as soon as they hatch. This period is the
Lack of confidence.
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A monkey's enemy simply put is any creature, which eats meat and can catch them. Their main enemies are big cats like tigers and Jaguars, and big snakes, such as boa constrictors and pythons. Human beings are also categorized as monkey's enemies if they kill them.
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