Monsoon Climate?


Monsoon is a type of climate characterised by abundant rainfall like that of the tropical rain forest climate, but it is concentrated in the high sun season. Being located near the equator, the monsoon climate experiences warm temperatures throughout the year.
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the general characteristics of monsoon climates are the following: it is the one which blows from one direction in one part of the year and other direction in other part of the year
( män′sün ′klī·mət ) (climatology) The type of climate which is found in regions subject to monsoons.
The tropical monsoon climate experiences abundant rainfall like that of the tropical rain
There are five different tropical monsoon regions, covering a huge range of fauna, including some of the world's richest biodiversity sites. There are literally tens to hundreds of
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The two monsoons that affect China's climate are the southeast and the southwest monsoon. The monsoon winds are one of the biggest factors behind the difference ...
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The monsoon season benefits India in a few ways. India is normally a dry, arid climate, which can lead to droughts. There can be a lack of safe drinking water ...
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