What is a mood board?


A mood board is a collage of colors, photographs and media that is meant to represent a feeling or theme. Mood boards are created as art pieces as well as collaborative brainstorming efforts for projects in various fields of industry.

Mood boards are both physical as well as digital. Physical mood boards often consist of magazine clippings, ticket stubs, photographs and other media tacked up with push pins or similar tools. Digital mood boards are collages on a computer or mobile device and can be used as background images, screen savers or in digital presentations. Mood boards are sometimes called vision boards.

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A mood board is a board that you make according to your mood. It can either be on an actual board, or it can be on your computer. Fashion designers and interior designers love to
1. Collect pictures of items and swatches of colors that you like. Use pieces from your wardrobe or anything that makes you feel happy or invokes a mood that you would like to incorporate
its a collection of content that can be pictures, colours, text, graphics, etc. for example, if i had to make a moodboard based on the trees, i'd make a page with pictures of trees,
Creating a mood board is a great and easy way to help you visualise how you final room will look and this can save you time later on and help avoid decorating mistakes. So spend some
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