What is a mosquito hawk?


A mosquito hawk is a type of insect that is also called a nighthawk or a dragonfly. It is a long insect, common around water bodies like ponds, lakes and streams, that feeds on mosquitoes, as well as other small insects like bees and ants. The dragonfly is classified as one of the fastest insects in the world.
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Both dragonflies and crane flies are commonly known as mosquito hawks. This may be due to the species habit of killing mosquitoes. They're used as pest control.
Though rare, mosquito allergies cause such reactions as blistering lesions or larger hives accompanied by fever and joint swelling. “At its worst, a mosquito bite can cause
Meaning mainly nocturnal North American goatsucker Synonym(s) bullbat (what does bullbat mean?) nighthawk (what does nighthawk mean?) Hypernyms(s) mosquito hawk is a kind of…
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mosquito hawk
Chiefly Southern U.S. dragonfly.
Source: Dictionary.com
Mosquito hawk is another name for a dragonfly. Dragonflies are called this because they are known to consume large amounts of mosquitoes each day.
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