What Is a Mother Goose?


Mother goose is an imaginary author of fairy tales and nursery rhymes who features in the nursery rhyme called Christmas pantomime. She is depicted as an elderly country woman dressed in a costume, a tall hat and shawl.
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1. Repeat a Mother Goose rhyme to your child, such as "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, "Little Bo Peep" or "Jack and Jill. 2. Show your child a picture book with the Mother
The son of Mother Goose is : Jack.
1. Research about geese and learn about them. The Internet provides interesting facts about them. You could also go to your local library and borrow some books about geese. Use some
n. The imaginary author of Mother Goose's Tales, a collection of nursery rhymes first published in London in the 18th century.
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Mother Goose
the fictitious author of a collection of nursery rhymes first published in London (about 1760) under the title of Mother Goose's Melody.
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