What Is a Motif in Music?


A motif in music is a recurring passage or piece of music. It is usually a short rhythm, which is used in longer musical passages. A motif is a short theme with some significance in the piece.
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Most terms similar to motif come to us from popular music. For example, the terms "hook," "lick" and "riff" are often used interchangeably, but are actually
A motif is a small musical idea. It's generally repeated throughout a piece of music and can be sequenced (moved up and down in pitch)
I think that Ellic and Kavinay probably have this one about right. While there is a brief play during Episode V/VI to link the loss of Luke's hand to a loss of part of his humanity
Basically the same thing. Motif is the reason for the work and the theme is what the creator wants you to get out of it.
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The word motif, coined from French, is used in English instead of the German Motiv, or English and American motive... More »
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