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A motion for continuance in law is a request to the judge to delay or postpone the proceedings of a case. In ruling on a motion for a continuance, a court examines the purpose and necessity for the postponement and the probable advantage that could result from the postponement. Continuances or postponements will be denied if sought merely for the purpose of delay.
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A motion for continuance is a request by an attorney to postpone a hearing, trial, or other scheduled court proceeding for a specific amount of time. A motion may be granted when unforeseeable events cause a problem with the trial dates or when an attorney needs more time to properly research the case. A motion for continuance is typically granted when the court decides it is prudent, necessary, and in the best interest of justice.
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1. Consult the local rules of the court to determine the deadline for responsive motions. Responsive motions, such as an Objection to a Motion for Continuance, normally must be filed
is there a right way or wrong way to write a motion of continuance.
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In court, a motion to continue is a written request for the postponement of a court
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A motion to continue is a request that is made by one side in a criminal case, subject to sufficient reasons, to come up with a new trial date. This may be done ...
A Motion for Continuance is a motion asking the judge to continue the proceedings of a case at a later date. According to the law in Texas, a Motion of Continuance ...
Go to the clerk's office at the court and ask to file a motion for continuance. Your will receive the paperwork. Fill in all spaces on the paperwork and and ...
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