What Is a Mudflow?


Mudflow is a kind of mass movement or mass wasting that is comprised of saturated particles formed from loose soil and water that flows on a land mass. It usually occurs after a heavy downpour or a snow melt in a semi-arid area. It may also occur on a hill or mountainside after a heavy down pour that causes extensive erosion or what is commonly known as channel scour.
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a flow of mixed earth debris containing a large amount of water.
the dried-out product of such a flow.
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A mudflow is a landslide of soil and water which occurs after a period of heavy rain. the topsoil becomes saturated and with little vegetation to hold it in place, the soil begins
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( väl′kan·ik ′məd′flō ) (geology) The flow of volcanic mud down the slope of a volcano.
it was the largest lahar (a mud flow that originated by melting glaciers from the heat of a volcanic eruption) on Mount Rainier within the last 10,000 years. It took place some 5600
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A mudflow is another name for a mudslide. A mudslide occurs when rain or snow comes through a muddy area and creates a slick surface. As the debris builds up, ...
Mudflows are made by heavy rainfall on a mountain slope or on a hill. Sometimes snowfall and high level of ground water flow can cause mudflows too. To know more ...
In terms of geology, mudflow is a type of water flow in which contains large amounts of silt and suspended particles. One of the causes of mudflow is excessive ...
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