What Is a Mullet Fish?


A mullet fish is a kind of fish from the Mugilidae family and the ray-finned fish order. They are found in tropical waters that experience coastal temperatures. However, some members of this family e.g. the shingle fish are found in fresh water. This family of fish has serves as a source of food in the Mediterranean Europe region and consists of 80 species.
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tern fish eat mullet fish.
The term red mullet is used to describe the red mullet, the striped red mullet and the spotted goatfish. The red mullet proper is rosy colored and has a straight-fronted head. The
Roe is fish eggs. This is found in all fish, not just the mullet fish.
What do fish eat? When you're buying new fish, you should ask the experts at the pet store what food the fish have been fed to get a good idea of what kind of fish food the fish are
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Mullet Fish Facts
Mullets are ray-finned fish and have been a source of food for thousands of years. There are 80 species in the mullet family. Mullets are characterized by their small, triangular mouths, the lack of a lateral line and two separate dorsal fins.... More »
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