What Is a Multiple Entry Visa?


A multiple entry visa is one that allows a visitor to enter a country many times. In the case of the United Kingdom, for an applicant visiting the country for the first time or they are yet to establish a good travel history, a multiple visa for 6 months is issued. In the case of applicants who have previously travelled and thus have good travel histories, then a five and ten visit visa can be issued.
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On the visa application they ask for dates of how long do you want to stay in Canada, that's how you ask for it. It is not harder or simpler than the one time entry visa. As a host
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A UK visa is a document that permits a person to travel and stay in the UK for up to six months. It covers people who come to the country for business trips, medical treatment or just passing through the UK. Multiple entry visa's have different time duration allowed than other types of visas, and the number varies depending on the country.
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