What Is a Mummification?


Mummification was a method used by the ancient Egyptians when burying the dead. They embalmed and dried a dead body and then wrapped it like a mummy. They were buried in small pits in the desert.
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Mummification is a technique of preserving or embalming the body. The ancient Egyptians are famous for it, although other cultures mummify as well.
Mummification is the process by witch a body is preserved (naturally or otherwise). Bodies can become mummified when submerged in a bog, exposed to certain chemicals, stored in extreme
The Egyptian custom of mummifying the dead began around 2600 B.C. though earlier mummifications may have occurred accidentally. The ancient Egyptians mummified bodies by drying them
mummification: a condition resembling that of a mummy; (pathology) gangrene that develops in the presence of arterial obstruction and is characterized...
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to make (a dead body) into a mummy, as by embalming and drying.
to make (something) resemble a mummy; dry or shrivel up: The dead lizard was mummified by the hot desert air.
to preserve (an idea, institution, custom, etc.) that may have outlived its usefulness or relevance: Those mummified customs have no place in society today.
to dry or shrivel up.
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Mummification is a process of drying and embalmment of a dead body, naturally or artificially. Bodies can be mummified by submerging them in a bog, containing certain chemicals and then storing them in places with low humidity or in extreme cold, conditions. The Egyptian mummies were the first known bodies that mummified naturally, after the body organs were removed, and the body wrapped in linens and covered in natron.
Mummification is a method of preserving bodies for the afterlife. It was developed by the ancient Egyptians. In this process, the Egyptians embalmed the bodies of the dead and wrapped them in strips of linen.
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Mummification means to make into a mummy by embalming and drying. Mummification is used especially in Egypt for dead bodies. Presently, the oldest discovered mummified ...
Mummification was important to Egyptians because they believed that death was the beginning of the journey to the afterlife. In order for a person to go to the ...
It depends on the kind of mummification that you do as to how long it takes to mummify a body. Usually, the ancient Egyptian technique of mummification took around ...
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