Mummy Shaped Amulet That Held Farm Tools?


The mummy shaped amulet that held tools in Ancient was called shabti. This term meant 'answers' in Egyptian dialect as they believed that people could be called back after they die to answer and do work for the living. These statutes were normally placed near the place where the body was buried and were named after their dead owners.
Q&A Related to "Mummy Shaped Amulet That Held Farm Tools?"
It is called a ushabti , also spelled as shabti .
These statuettes would be placed in a tomb along with a body. They are known as shabtis, meaning "answerer" In the Egyptian afterlife, a person could be called on to do
I'm not sure about the farm tools but I think maybe your thinking of a shaabti. (Various spellings on the word so if you search play around with it)
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