What Is a Musical Madrigal?


A madrigal musical is a piece of music of secular spoken music that is normally a part-song and was used in the Renaissance and early Baroque eras. It originated from Italy and it most often set polyphonically in two parts. The number of voices in a madrigal varies from two to eight, and most commonly from three to six.
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Originally a form of coval composition of 14th century Italy, the madrigal became, in the 16th and 17th centuries, a favourite form of part-song, stemming first from Italy... More »
A musical madrigal is a vocal music composition, usually a part of a song, of the Renaissance and early Baroque eras. Madrigal originated from Italy and also from the influence of the French chanson around 1920's.
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A madrigal is a type of secular vocal music composition, written during the Renaissance
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Choosing selections for any group to perform can be difficult. There are many different pieces to choose from. It can be difficult to find the perfect music for a madrigal. There
A Musical Madrigal is a set of 3 to 8 voices. They are often texts in Italian. The Madrigal originated from frottola (a type of song from the early sixteenth century), the Madrigal
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Medieval Madrigal is an Italian music form that dates back in the 14th century. It was a composition that combined two voices. It is thought to have evolved from ...
The Renaissance period saw a new age of music and a lot of choral music that was done in the a capella style. A lot of the music was described as romantic. The ...
The English madrigal was a form of music that attempted to express the emotions of celebrated poetry through song. It was one of the most popular secular music ...
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