What Is a Muslim Robe Called?


A Muslim robe worn by men is called a tunic while the female version of a tunic is known as burqa and comes with hijab that is used to cover their heads. Tunics are usually white or cream in colour while those worn by women are black in colour.
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For men, there are two pieces of cloth, Izar, which is for the lower part of the body, and Ridaa, for the upper part> they are banned to wear sewed clothing, to feel humble and
The robes the men wear are called "dishdashas. Any more
In morocco we call them "chamir" or "kmis" these are the simple long white or black dress/shirt I think you are referring to. Most commonly worn to go to the mosque
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A Muslim robe is called a hijab. It refers to both the head covering that is traditionally worn by Muslim women and modest Muslim styles of dress in general. Muslims vary as to whether the hijab should be required on women in public, as it is in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia; whether it should be banned in schools, as it is in France and Turkey; or whether it should be left for the women to decide.
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