What Is a Mutt?


A mutt is a term that refers to a mixed-breed dog. A mixed-breed dog commonly known as mongrel in UK is a kind of dog whose origin is rarely unknown and has characteristics of two or more types of breeds.
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a dog, especially a mongrel.
a stupid or foolish person; simpleton.
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A mutt is a dog that is of no particular breed, or a mix of several kinds of dog. They are often the best dogs for anyone to get, because they are usually not susceptible to a lot of the illnesses of a purebred, and they can be had for a very small price from your animal shelter.
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Any dog that has questionable parentage or bloodlines is typically called a mutt. These dogs are usually a mix of several different breeds.
a mutt is a dog that has been breed with different breeds.
1. Carefully consider your lifestyle, your home or apartment size and the time available to care for a dog. Decide upon the size and age of mutt that will be best for your family.
(mŭt) n. Informal A mongrel dog. A stupid person; a dolt. [Short for MUTTONHEAD.] WORD HISTORY Clipping not of sheep but of a word having to do with sheep has given us our
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Unless you know the breed of the dog's parents, there is no way to tell the mixture your mutt is for certain without a DNA test. Some pet shops sell DNA tests ...
The word mutt has different meanings depending on the context you are using it in. For instance, it can refer to a stupid or an insignificant person. It can also ...
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