What does "mutually inclusive" mean?


Mutually inclusive events are events that occur at the same time. This concept is useful in statistic to explain the probability of two or more events taking place at the same time.
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The concept of a mutually inclusive event is used in statistics to explain the probability of two events happening at the same time. It explains the possibility, for example, of a
Any two events in which one cannot happen without the other.
Inclusive Events - Two events that can occur at the same time. the formula
Getting a 6 on the first roll or the second roll are not mutually exclusive, since both can happen. So adding up the probability is not proper. An example of mutually exclusive events
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What Is a Mutually Inclusive Event?
A mutually inclusive event is one that can happen at the same time another occurs. Although this term is rooted in mathematics, it does have a place in other fields. In finance, for example, mutually inclusive events are business decisions in which one... More »
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