Mylan A3 Pill?


A Mylan A3 pill is a drug that has 0.5 mg content of Alprazolam and it is used fro the treatment of depression, anxiety, panic disorders and dysautonomia. It should only be used under a doctor's prescription as it can be fetal under certain circumstances such as during pregnancy.
Q&A Related to "Mylan A3 Pill?"
M A24 3 Pink Round Unscored, M one side, A 24 other side. Extended
Not Medical Advice: The pink round drug w/ Mylan A3 imprint has been identified as Alprazolam 0.5 mg. It is used to treat anxiety, depression, & panic disorder.
MYLAN A1 generic name Alprazolam is in a group of drugs called
Not Medical Advice: Pill imprint MYLAN 477 has been identified as Diazepam 10 mg. Used in the treatment of anxiety, muscle spasm, alcohol withdrawal, etc.
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