Mythical Sea Nymphs?


A mythical nymph is a Greek mythological nature spirit that appears as a beautiful and attractive woman. It is a term that is related to the Greek word for bride and nymphs are often depicted as the lovers of heroes and gods or even their mothers. They are also believed to dwell in mountains, trees, valleys or along rivers and springs.
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Dryad. Robert C.
Nymphs (Greek plural: nymphai) are mythological nature spirits that appear as beautiful young women. Etymologically, the word nymph is related to the Greek word for bride. Nymphs
Although nymphs are creatures of their own kind in Greek mythology, they are often associated with male characters called fauns or satyrs, male creatures with legs resembling goat
Her name is Echo. She lost her voice when she tried to protect her loved one called Narcissus who only cared about his looks from Hera's vengeance. Narcissus was turned into a flower
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A wood nymph is an alternative name for a dryad, both of which are mythical female beings who live in the wood. Their bodies are made from bark or trees. ...
River Severn is the longest river in Britain. The name 'Severn' is derived from Sabrina and is based on the mythical story of a nymph who drowned in the river. ...
The Greek goddess of circle is Kirke who is pharmakeia and lives with her nymph followers at the mythical island of Asia. It is believed that she transformed through ...
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