What is NACI clearance?


NACI (National Agency Check with Inquiries) clearance is the minimum investigative level by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that is responsible for implementation of federal employment in the United States. It entails a comprehensive background check of a person's education, employment, residential and legal history before a person can be hired in the federal employment.
Q&A Related to "What is NACI clearance?"
1. Fill out forms SF-85 and OF-306 to begin the investigation process. The government agency will provide the forms. In many cases, forms can be completed online. The forms will ask
All Federal employees are required to undergo a background investigation. The level of background investigations includes low (NACI) moderate (MBI) and high (BI) and is based on the
A. An NACI (National Agency Check with Inquiries) is not a clearance. It is a federal background investigation conducted to determine an applicant's suitability for federal employment
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