What Is a Name Prefix?


A name prefix refers to those titles that precede a name. They are normally not included in the name field and include titles such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss and Dr. They indicate a form of seniority in most cases.
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A prefix goes at the beginning of a word. Hence the pre in prefix.
1. Look at the problem. "Convert 63 km to cm. Ad. 2. All prefixes equal a power of ten times a base unit. Our base unit is meters (m) Kilo (k) means 10^3; 63 km = 63 x 10^3 m
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The name of the prefix that means 1/1000 of a unit of measure would be milli. It is placed before units of measure to form units such as millimeter and milliliter ...
An octopus has eight legs, but they are more commonly referred to as tentacles. The name "octopus" is directly derived from the prefix "oct-" ...
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