What Is a Neutron Star?


Neutron stars are simply compact objects that are created when the cores of massive stars collapse, and crush together every proton during supernova explosions. Neutron stars are objects of much fascination as they are relatively small but are denser than the sun.
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neutron star
an extremely dense, compact star composed primarily of neutrons, especially the collapsed core of a supernova.
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A neutron star is what is left over when a star collapses. These stars are very dense and rotate rapidly. There are several types of neutron star but they have some characteristics in common. You can find more information here: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-neutron-star.htm
A neutron star is actually a large star that has collapsed because it has run out of fuel, Neutron stars are only formed from collapsing stars that are at least 1.5 solar masses.
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A neutron star is a body in space that consists of extremely dense parts of a large star that has collapsed. This collapse causes the electrons to be forced into the nuclei and leaves
Exploding Stars Stars exist in a variety of sizes and temperatures, and most are powered by nuclear fusion reactions. When a star uses up all of its nuclear fuel, it explodes to form
A star made almost entirely of neutrons that has expelled all other matter. Formed as a type II, Ib, or Ic supernova remnant with too little stellar material to form a black hole.
They result from the gravitational collapse of massive stars which have mass greater
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Neutron stars are compact objects that are created in the cores of massive stars during supernova explosions. It is also a type of remnant that can result from ...
A neutron stars average size is ten Kilometres in diameter but has a mass of about 1.4 solar masses. Neutron stars are the collapsed cores of some massive stars ...
A neutron star has a mass between 1.4 and 3.2 solar masses and has a radius of about 12 kilometers. A neutron star is a type of stellar remnant that can result ...
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