What Is a Ninny?


A ninny is a stupid foolish person. The word is also used to refer to a mentally deficient person or one who acts in a self-defeating way. Ninny was often used in Victorian Europe and early North America as an insult.
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a fool or simpleton.
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Ninny is a shortened version of nincompoop, a silly, idiotic person. can be used affectionately.
ninny: a stupid foolish person
Ninny 1. An idiot. 2. Short word for nincompoop. 3. Someone who is afraid of everything and has no courage; pansy. eg.you went into the girls bathroom by mistake? you ninny! Don't
I honestly dont know.
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Hello, I'm thebe kgositsile, and i lived in africa for 45 years. Back in Africa we call dem cotton-headed-ninny-muggins the white people that invade our land. ...
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