No Doc Mortgage Loans?


A no doc loan is a home or a mortgage loan which does not require documentation of documents, for verification of one's income. The loan is ideally suited to investors, borrowers, independent contractors, ex-bankrupt or clients with arrears on mortgages and self employed persons are not accepted by traditional lenders. The loan is usually of higher risk profile and is more expensive compared to traditional loans.
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Mortgage lending risk usually looks at the borrower's ability and inclination to repay the debt. This would call for proving income and would be supported by a good credit history
The requirements for obtaining a no-documentation loan are looser than those for an ordinary loan. Thus, for those with a poor credit history (or no credit history entirely) such
Home equity is a person's financial stake in his or her home. A home equity loan allows you to borrow up to 125 percent of the appraised value of your home, less any existing mortgages
According to, a car title loan is a 30-day (or more) loan that is secured with the title of a vehicle. Described as a short-term loan, a car title loan must be repaid
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What Is a No Doc Loan?
No Doc (no documentation) loans are a type of mortgage loan for the purpose of purchase or refinance of residential real estate. The feature that has made them interesting is that they do not require documentation of income or assets. Also known as NINA... More »
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