Nobles in the Middle Ages?


A noble in the middle ages refers to people who were Knights or owned castles and large estates called manors. These individuals were born noble and only a few individuals were turned into nobility for purposes of bringing money into the country. In 1215 A.D, a group of nobles forced the king into creating the Magna Carta, which led to the formation of parliament that is the same government body that exists today as the House of Lords.
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Nobles such as knights had the job of protecting the manors when they were attacked.They also had to make laws and discuss stragities of war with the king in the great hall and then's_job...
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Nobles in the middle ages were people who were part of the feudal system in Europe. In rank, they were under the King and the Church. They were born noble and only few non-noble born people were transformed into nobles. They often owned large estates called manors and castles.
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