Liver Nodule?


A nodule is a collective term used to refer to small growth of tissue on or inside the liver. These nodules can be cancerous or non cancerous in nature and it is possible that hormonal changes can effect the nodules.
Q&A Related to "Liver Nodule?"
In most cases, lung nodules are benign and require only observation using X-rays to check if the growth gets larger or changes over time, reports the U.S. National Library of Medicine
A rheumatoid nodule is a firm feeling swelling or lump which occurs within 2 years in about 5% of people once they are diagnosed with. rheumatoid arthritis. And about 25% of RA victims
Avoid eating too much protein for good kidney and liver health. To determine the right amount of protein for you, divide your current weight by two. This will give you the number
a nodule is a tiny growth in the lung that almost everyone has it is not uncommon. however if you have copd or any lung disease you should have your lungs tested every 6 months to
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