What is a noncalcified lung nodule?


A non-calcified lung nodule is one that does not show a pattern of calcification. According to Radiology Rounds, a newsletter issued by the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Radiology, a lung nodule is a round lesion with a diameter of less than 3 centimeters with normal lung parenchyma surrounding it.

Calcification patterns generally indicate that a lung nodule is a benign hamartoma or granuloma. Radiology Rounds states that over 99 percent of non-calcified nodules under 4 millimeters in diameter are benign. Larger lung nodules, between 4 and 8 millimeters in diameter, pose a higher risk of malignancy, but around 94 percent of such nodules in patients without histories of cancer are benign. Fifty percent of the largest nodules, those over 8 millimeters, are malignant. In such cases, a biopsy or other evaluation method is recommended.

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