What is a non covenant marriage?


A non covenant marriage is a traditional marriage that does not adhere to the tenants of a covenant marriage. There is no official non covenant marriage designation and only a small percentage of newlyweds opt for an alternative covenant marriage, according to About. Covenant marriage is only available in Arizona, Arkansas and Louisiana, which means a majority of couples have non covenant marriages.

Louisiana was the first state to offer state residents covenant marriage, reports Best of New Orleans. The measure was adopted and added to the state's marriage license application process as a way to strengthen families. The covenant marriage option is for couples that wish to remain married for life. Supporters also expected divorce statistics to drop significantly as more couples made this commitment.

As About notes, when a couple chooses a covenant marriage, divorce is much more difficult to obtain. Couples experiencing marital difficulties receive counseling before getting married or divorced. Since no-fault divorce is not an option for these couples, the divorce process is slowed. There is evidence to support that divorce rates are lower for couples that receive marriage counseling, states About. Non covenant marriages that allow for quick divorces with no requirement for counseling remain dominant in Arizona, Arkansas and Louisiana.

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