Non Displaced Fracture?


A non displaced fracture is a bone that has cracked and has the broken pieces in alignment. The injury does not show from outside but shows a line or a crack in the x-ray and is painful.
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Fractures can be displaced or non-displaced, and this attempts to explain whether
Not Medical Advice: In a non-displaced fracture, the 2 ends of bone still align; in a closed fracture, the bone has not broken through the skin. Check with MD
A non-displaced fracture is much better than a displaced fracture. In a non-displaced fratucre the bone is broken, but not moved from its original placement. This allows it to theroetically
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A non-displaced fracture of the left radial head means that the break is not out of place. The radial head is part of the radius. The radius is the one of the ...
A non-displaced fracture of the fibula is when the bone cracks either all of the way through or part way through, but does not move. A non-displaced fracture will ...
The radius is one of two bones of the forearm. It's on the thumb side of your forearm. It's wide at the wrist end (distal) and narrow at the elbow end (proximal) ...
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