Non Impact Printers?


A non-impact printer is a kind of printer that uses laser technology rather than a magnetic ribbon. Examples of non impact printers include: laser and ink-jet printers. These printers are distinguished from impact printers due to their quiet nature.
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Fonts don't make a great deal of difference in how printers function, other than affecting the printing time. The larger and darker the font, the longer it will take and the more
Inkjet, laser and thermal are three examples of non-impact printers.
They are quieter, and can usually print faster than impact printers. The ink (if it an ink printer rather than a laser printer) tends to be more expensive, and runs out quicker though
An impact printer has mechanisms resembling
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What Is a Non-Impact Printer?
A non-impact printer is one in which there's no direct contact between the print head -- the component that forms a printed character -- and the paper. Non-impact printers typically rely on chemicals, heat or laser technology to generate hard copy... More »
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