Non Impact Printers?


A non-impact printer is a kind of printer that uses laser technology rather than a magnetic ribbon. Examples of non impact printers include: laser and ink-jet printers. These printers are distinguished from impact printers due to their quiet nature.
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On an impact printer, the print head comes in direct contact with the paper. On a non-impact printer, the type is formed without the print head coming into direct physical contact
Inkjet, laser and thermal are three examples of non-impact printers.
They are quieter, and can usually print faster than impact printers. The ink (if it an ink printer rather than a laser printer) tends to be more expensive, and runs out quicker though
An impact printer has mechanisms resembling
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What Is a Non-Impact Printer?
A non-impact printer is one in which there's no direct contact between the print head -- the component that forms a printed character -- and the paper. Non-impact printers typically rely on chemicals, heat or laser technology to generate hard copy... More »
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