What Is a Non Regulated Drug Screen?


A non regulated drug screening is a drug screening used for non-federal, private or public enterprises. It can be performed by any lab that is certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Drug screening is typically done as a pre-employment process.
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a non regulated drug screen can be either a random drug screen that is given by many companies to their employees on a random basis to make sure no one is doing drugs or a drug screen
The FDA has approved some 270 active ingredients that are deemed safe and effective in OTC drugs. Drug makers must also comply with certain dosage requirements established by the
that you've used drugs.
Department of Transportation (DOT) drug tests are more rigorous than typical drug tests,
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A non regulated drug screen refers to a drug test carried out by organisations not regulated by law without the presence of medical experts. These test are usually a pre-employment procedure taken by companies.
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