What Is a Non Regulated Drug Screen?


A non regulated drug screening is a drug screening used for non-federal, private or public enterprises. It can be performed by any lab that is certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Drug screening is typically done as a pre-employment process.
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The purpose of a pre-employment drug screen is to detect illegal drug use in employees. Pre-employment drug screening may occur with many different types of employers, but is most
Prohibited drugs are drugs that are judged to have no medical benefit and are effectively banned.While the regulated drugs are drugs that can bought over the counter without a prescription
TWO TYPES OF TESTING: "REGULATED:" This refers to employers in the transportation industry and other industries under D.O.T. jurisdiction, Safety sensitive Federal employees
A pre-employment drug test/screen will only test for basic drugs it will not test to see if you are pregnant or things like that. Suboxone cannot be detected in a drug screen unless
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A non regulated drug screen refers to a drug test carried out by organisations not regulated by law without the presence of medical experts. These test are usually a pre-employment procedure taken by companies.
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