What Is a Non Renewable Resource?


When you recycle something it is broken down and can be reused. Some things, however are non renewable which means they can only be used one time. Oil is a good example of a non renewable resource.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Non Renewable Resource"
A. non-renewable. resource is one that is mined from the ground, and when we've used it, there's no more left. In terms of energy, these are oil, coal, natural gas, uranium, lignite
Basically everything except solar energy, wind power, hydropower, and geothermal power are non-renewable. Non-renewable resources include oil, natural gas, and minerals.
A finite mass of material which cannot be restored after use, such as natural gas. Non-renewable resources may be sustained by recycling.
Some sources of energy regenerate as we use them. Wind, sun, water and geothermal energy are examples of renewable energy. These sources are abundant, but because the infrastructure
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