What Is a Nonionic Surfactant?


A non-ionic surfactants is a material that can greatly reduce the surface tension of water when used in very low concentrations. They do not ionize in aqueous solutions because their hydrophilic group is of a non-dissociable. Examples include alcohol, phenol, ether, ester and amide.
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A surfactant which dissociates in water and releases cation and anion (or zwitterions)
Depends on the application but I would say that Linear Alcohol Ethoxylates are the best choice for most uses. POE Straight-Chain Alcohols, Alcohol ‘‘Ethoxylates’
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It is short for surface active agent. They are large molecules that are partially nonpolar and partially polar. Polar interacts with water...as nonpolar interacts with grease or dirt
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Nonionic surfactant is that in which the active molecule has no electric charge. Examples include ethoxylated aliphatic alcohol, polyoxyethylene surfactants and carboxylic esters.
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